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Getting a Rise

Ever feel just a little bit cramped in your fishing shirt? Or maybe the classic laundry-basket creased look is just not your thing? And what about getting collar-smacked on those occasions when you find yourself on a fast boat? If you’re not crazy about these things, but you do like qualities like sun protection, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying fabric, a custom-cut high collar and extended tail, come check out the RISE TECHNICAL FISHING T. Available in Aqua, Cobalt and Slate, it’s an ideal blend of practicality and style! And at R390 it won’t break the bank either!

Sage does it again!

The Sage ONE scooped the coveted “Best new Fly Rod” award at last years EFFTEX show against some stiff opposition. This year, Sage did it again with their new rod range, the CIRCA. By migrating their in-house “Konnetic” technology into this family of slow-actioned rods, Sage clearly states that their focus is not only on faster-actioned, stiffer rods. The CIRCA range includes a 2-weight in 7’9″, 3- and 4-weights in 7’9″ and 8’9″ and a 5-weight in 8’9″ and replaces the current ZXL range. ZXL lovers out there don’t fret – if you do break your rod, Sage will replace your broken section with another IN THE SAME RANGE, in other words your ZXL will remain a ZXL until you feel like replacing it. And when you get to feel the CIRCA, you may just be tempted!

Strike indicator continued…

Well, our indicators have arrived and we’ve had a chance to play with them. I can tell you that this indicator system is the most versatile I’ve seen. It’s very quick to apply and just as quick to remove. It grips well enough to not move during the cast but still allows you to reposition it under tension. No line damage, no kinks, no hassle! I know I’m going to love using this system when next we go after yellows in the Richtersveld!

A must-have for the indicator fisherman

Click on the Pic to see it in action!

Some fly fishing tools are just indispensable, and this might turn out to be another one of them. A yarn indicator system that floats well, repositions easily, doesn’t require knotting or kinking the line and – wait for it – is re-usable! Sounds too good to be true? Well, in a week or so we’ll find out!


We are having a CLEARANCE of discontinued ranges of REDINGTON rods. Rods marked with *  are covered  by the Redington warranty – real bargains waiting to be  snapped up!

The RS4 rods  are fast action, easy casting rods and were our top seller – they  have been replaced  by the Voyant range.

REDINGTON RS4* 9064 rod – 9′ #6 4-piece               Was R1840    NOW R920

REDINGTON RS4* 9084 rod – 9′ #8 4-piece               Was R1940    NOW R970

The REDFLY rods have been superceded by the  Pursuit rods – fast action rods.

REDINGTON REDFLY* 9084 rod – 9′ #8 4-piece          Was R1390    NOW R690

CROSSWATER rods are entry level rods.

CROSSWATER 9054 rod – 9′ #5 4-piece rod               Was R800      NOW R400

CROSSWATER 9084 rod – 9′ #8 4-piece rod               Was R800      NOW R400

Limited quantities available : * Covered by REDINGTON’s unconditional  warranty.

Because sometimes you just need caffeine

I’ve maintained for some time that a sense of true luxury in life rests on three basic pillars: real butter, 2-ply toilet paper and good coffee. Now, at last, you can take at least one of these luxuries to the water with you in the shape of the Aeropress espresso maker. Great coffee is now portable – you will love it! We have the Aeropress in stock – come check it out!

A Prawn with the Right Attitude


Most prawn-imitating flies are tied to swim backward. Most real prawns swim forward. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a fish out there with your name on it that notices these things…
Here follows a step-by-step tying sequence for a very nifty prawn by Ian Wallace. Enjoy it; the grunter certainly do!

Step 1: Tie a strip of foam onto a sturdy needle to form a base for the abdomen
Step 2: Fold the foam over and trap in place with thread
Step 3: Dub over the foam using an appropriate colour to finish the abdomen. Remove the completed abdomen from the needle
Step 4: Tie the completed abdomen onto a suitable long-shank hook. Tie in a few strands of rubber leg material facing forward, using a ball of dubbing to prevent them from crowding the hook eye
Step 5: Tie in a rostrum consisting of craft fur and flashabou; add mono prawn eyes either side. Now complete the body of the fly using a CDC dubbing loop
Step 6: Tie in a sheet made from Clear Cure Goo Flexible and suitable synthetic fibre over the back of the fly and trim to complete the rostrum and tail.Coat the back with a thin layer of Clear Cure Good Flexible and a topcoat of Sally Hansen’s Hard-as-Nails. Voila! Ready to go fishing!

Wearable Fish-skin

Buffs are a pretty common sight on our waters these days. They’re a practical, effective and (dare I admit it) fashionable solution to sun protection, so no wonder. We now have some very unique fishy buffs in store. These are the so-called UV Buffs, the ones that offer maximum UV protection, and they come in a range of very attractive fish-themed finishes. Come check them out if you’re not in the mood to toast your dome!

Month of Love and Fishing

Ah yes – February. Get ready to be assaulted by cute little hearts, kittens and red ribbons every time you venture into a public space. But before you spend one cent on a gift, ask yourself this question: WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY PRESENT CAME WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE?

Reading Matter

The Drake Magazine has, over the years, developed a sort of cult following. It’s a good read for those of us who actually care about the differences between Gink and Aquel, and when you page through it you kinda get the feeling the editors may have gills. And good cameras – the photography in Drake is of a standard that makes you feel like you’re there. We’ve got the latest issue in store, and it’s full of useful info like which is the best ski pass for fishermen and whether it’s OK to go fising on Sunday. Check out

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