Upstream Flyfishing

December 2012:

Flyfishing goes Modular

Modular Fly Systems are not really new, but I do think that the concept has been perfected in the THINKFISH FLYPAD ECOSYSTEM. It starts with the FlyPad – a stylish, waterproof fly box with magnetic closure and a removable, slit-foam tray. Removable trays make sense, but what do you do with them when they’re not in use? Enter the FlyPad Box, a “library” that keeps your flies safe and organized in their trays. I expect the sytem will find favour amongst competition anglers who typically fish 5 sessions with very little time inbetween. A total of 10 trays in the system means you’ll have 2 trays per session pre-loaded, organized and ready to go! If you’re into stylish design, come check it out! Click on FLYPAD to see the system in action on YouTube.

Upstream Flyfishing Upstream Flyfishing