Upstream Flyfishing

March 2012:

A Prawn with the Right Attitude


Most prawn-imitating flies are tied to swim backward. Most real prawns swim forward. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a fish out there with your name on it that notices these things…
Here follows a step-by-step tying sequence for a very nifty prawn by Ian Wallace. Enjoy it; the grunter certainly do!

Step 1: Tie a strip of foam onto a sturdy needle to form a base for the abdomen
Step 2: Fold the foam over and trap in place with thread
Step 3: Dub over the foam using an appropriate colour to finish the abdomen. Remove the completed abdomen from the needle
Step 4: Tie the completed abdomen onto a suitable long-shank hook. Tie in a few strands of rubber leg material facing forward, using a ball of dubbing to prevent them from crowding the hook eye
Step 5: Tie in a rostrum consisting of craft fur and flashabou; add mono prawn eyes either side. Now complete the body of the fly using a CDC dubbing loop
Step 6: Tie in a sheet made from Clear Cure Goo Flexible and suitable synthetic fibre over the back of the fly and trim to complete the rostrum and tail.Coat the back with a thin layer of Clear Cure Good Flexible and a topcoat of Sally Hansen’s Hard-as-Nails. Voila! Ready to go fishing!

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