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January 2012:

Reading Matter

The Drake Magazine has, over the years, developed a sort of cult following. It’s a good read for those of us who actually care about the differences between Gink and Aquel, and when you page through it you kinda get the feeling the editors may have gills. And good cameras – the photography in Drake is of a standard that makes you feel like you’re there. We’ve got the latest issue in store, and it’s full of useful info like which is the best ski pass for fishermen and whether it’s OK to go fising on Sunday. Check out

Rhodes – the Unbearable Lightness of Fishing

Apologies to Milan Kundera for bastardizing the title of his brilliant work. I reckon it’s apt, though. His novel was all about artistry and intellectualism – the kind of feelings you get when you pick up a SAGE Zero-weight! If you’re keen to explore the possibilities of ultra-light fishing in the Rhodes area, or to take up a dare, or you just feel like sneaking away for a few days to one of the troutiest regions on our continent, save a space on your calendar between 27 April and 4 May. It’s going to be a blast!


Dates for our annual Tiger Trips have been finalized. They are:

9-15 July 2012 (6 Nights)
15-20 July 2012 (5 Nights)
29July – 3 August (5 Nights)
3-9 August (6 Nights)

All of these slots have been booked at Sekoma’s excellent Illombe Island Camp. Mark Krige will host groups 1 and 2, and John Yelland will host groups 3 and 4.

The cost of R2000 per person per day sharing covers transfer from Livingstone Airport, accommodation, meals, boats and local guides who know the river and the fishing.

Experience the thrill of tigerfishing on one of Africa’s great rivers – call 021 762-8007 or email for more info or to secure your booking!

… and for the traditionalists

Quite a few of us still have an old pair of felt-sole boots that we’re not keen to see the end of – ever! Unfortunately the areas we fish take their toll on felt so eventually the soles will wear out. If you happen to be in this predicament yourself and you’re not quite ready yet for the new-generation rubber soles, pop around. We have replacement felt soles in stock. But have a look at the rubber-soled boots while you’re here – sooner or later you may want to move that way!

Net Result

Competitive flyfishing demands specialised equipment. Emphasis is placed on functionality and efficiency – useful attributes even if you’ll never fish in competition! An important item for a competitor is a sturdy net with just the right depth, a mesh that doesn’t eat flies, doesn’t hurt fish and doesn’t require Herculean strength to use in flowing water. One of the best is the 3-in-1 Trout net. It even comes with an additional, longer handle for stillwater applications. Pop in to check them out!

Coming to grips with Wading

Your choice of wading boot is a complicated one – more so since felt soles have become less desirable due to their tendency to harbor undesirable algal spores. Fortunately the modern rubber soles offer a very close second to felt in the water, and far superior grip out of the stream. On mixed ground, nothing beats the soles developed for Simms by Vibram. Note that this is NOT the same Vibram material you’ll find on hiking boots – Vibram is a brand, not the compound. Next to grip, durability is right up there as a factor to consider. It is with this in mind that we now carry a range of Simms Rivershed boots. Comfortable, durable and fantastic grip dry or wet – a great product!

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