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December 2011:

Good Stuff!

Tackle is a personal thing, but sometimes it’s nice to see what other people have to say. The Flyfisherman Magazine 2012 Gear Guide tested a range of tackle; these are the rods that came out on top:

Best New Rod Series – SAGE ONE

Best Dry Fly Rod Series - SAGE TXL-F

Best Euro-Style Rod – SAGE ESN

Best Allround Nymphing Rod – St Croix High Stick Drifter

Best Streamer Rod – St Croix Bank Robber

Best Allround Saltwater Rod – SAGE Xi3

Best Flats Rod – Orvis Helios Saltwater

Best Warmwater Rod – SAGE BASS 2

It’s worth noting that, aside from those listed above, the review included pretty much all the big brands: G. Loomis, Scott, Winston, Hardy, Greys, TFO as well as relative newcomer Echo, which got a “New and Notable” mention.

In a world of ongoing development and improvement, it’s nice to know that our flagship rod range is still setting the pace!

Artful Images

Darryl Lampert in his natural habitat

Fly fishing attracts artists. I can’t tell you exactly why this is, but it must have something to do with the delicacy and grace of our chosen addiction, coupled with the environment in which it is practised.

We were thrilled when well-known Cape angler Darryl Lampert brought around some block-mounted printed canvasses of some of his photographs, and one very special image printed in the same way that art galleries use to archive their collections.

Pop around if you are interested in owning any of these prints, or would like to order something similar as a Christmas gift or for the wall in your study!

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