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November 2011:

Because Nail-Care matters…

It seems it’s become mandatory these days to carry a camera when you go fishing. I’m told that to take a really great photo, the little things count. Dull, chipped fingernails detract from the beauty of the fish in the hand, so nail-care is paramount! That’s why Upstream now stocks Sally Hansens Hard-as-Nails! (Of course it’s also a great product for coating the thread heads on your flies or as final body-coat on your Clear Cure Goo creations…)

It’s a Wonderful ONEderful day!

Guess it could’ve gone either way. Some predicted the end of the world sometime around 11 past 11 this morning; others advocated that today’s a good day for a new beginning. All those 1′s lined up has to be meaningful, they claim. And they could be right! So if you’re even remotely interested in numerology, what better day to come get yourself a new Sage ONE?!

Yellow Fever

Upstream didn’t go to the Richtersveld this year. High water levels persisted throughout our usual time slot and so we missed out. What we didn’t see coming was how badly you begin to miss those yellows if you don’t get to fish for them often enough! I was delighted to hear that Etienne Erasmus has a slot available at Groenkloof (lower Vaal) at the end of November this year. If you’d like to join us for a few days at this superb big-fish venue, get in touch! Email for details!

New on the Shelf

Czech-based company HENDS is a well recognized brand within fly fishing circles. Some of the products within the Hends lineup became well known on the back of European competitive fishing -the movement that no doubt has set the trend in the last few years for competitive as well as social flyfishing. Upstream now carries a carefully selected range of products under the Hends label.

Galvan – Reel performance at a reelistic price!

Galvan Torque

Let’s face it – we’d all like to own a top-end reel. Just the sound of an Abel is enough to get my pulse racing! Realistically, though, I know I need to be aware of my budget when choosing a reel. Let’s face it: A great reel will never be cheap. But it could come at a price that’s a little easier to digest. Now Upstream can offer you a top-performance, American-made reel at a cost that’s just that little bit easier to explain to your partner. Come have a look!

Galvan Rush
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