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October 2011:

Goin’ Legal

One of the greatest things about buying a fishing licence in the First World is knowing that the money goes back into fisheries management. In my opinion we’re a very long way from there in South Africa, but regardless of the lack of interest our government has in our recreation I guess it’s our duty to follow the rules. To this end, you can now get your annual Western Cape freshwater fishing licence from Upstream at R45.

Last-Minute Tigers

I just had a call from my old friend Henkie Altena. He was standing on the banks of the Okavango when he made the call, and what he had to say might be of interest to those who haven’t done enough fishing yet in 2011. Henkie’s company (check out have had 3 cancellations for an upcoming houseboat-based tigerfishing safari in the Sepupa area and he’s offering those slots at a reduced fee of R8000 p/p. Give the shop a shout if you’re interested (30th October – 3rd November) and we’ll put you in touch with Henkie!

Super Sale!

Once in a while it’s nice to clear some space on the shelf. This time we’re offering a massive 30% discount on selected REDINGTON rods while stocks last! Here’s what it boils down to:

REDINGTON CPX: Was from R2750, Now from R1925

The CPX series is REDINGTON‘s premier fast-action rod. Powerful enough for long casts in challenging conditions, yet not so stiff as to detract from its superb feel!

REDINGTON RS4: Was from 1840, Now from R1288

An easy-casting, fast-action rod suitable for all levels of angler. One of our favourites!


A great stream rod with a very forgiving medium action. Great for our Cape Streams!


Advanced performance at an entry-level price! A great rod for the beginner or as backup on a trip!

Watch this space for news on REDINGTON’s exciting new rod models coming soon!


Calling all Yobs

It’s not often that a fly makes it into a newspaper. That’s exactly what happened, however, when “Blob” flies became popular in the UK a few years ago. Their popularity spawned an outcry due to the “unfair advantage” these flies gave the “yobs” who used them. A prominent English angler, Chris Ogborne, was quoted thus in the Telegraph: It’s a very easy way of catching a lot of fish and takes the skill away. Any idiot can use them. This in itself is enough reason for me to have a few blobs in my box! I’ll go one step further and add a quote of my own: “Any idiot can tie them!” If you want to suppress your inner purist and tie up some blobs, we have the proper “Ian Barr Super Blob Chenille” in stock.

Quid Novi?

It feels like Christmas every time a new box arrives – even when we know what’s inside! Here are some of the new arrivals:

Kamoufil: When the French and Czechs choose a specific product above others, we take notice. The national anglers of these countries prefer the characteristics of Kamoufil for leader construction. The line is limp, has excellent knot strength and its physical weight gives great leader turnover. We have the diameters needed for all the common leader formulae. If you prefer Kamoufil tapered leaders, we also have these in four varieties.

Fluorescent Tapered Leaders: Knowing when a fish has your fly in its mouth is pretty relevant to successful fishing. Nothing makes bite detection easier when nymphing than these! A length of clear tippet connects the leader to the fly, and the angler watches the bow in the leader for the tell-tale jump when a fish mouths the fly.

These are not the only new toys we got in; watch this space for more info!

Right of Admission Reserved

A Fly Shop is a pretty social place and rightly so. Many of our customers come here to unwind and kill some time and we welcome that, provided they understand that inbetween chatting we’ll have to do some work. After the weekend, though, our list of unwelcome visitors has grown to two. The first deserved his status by declaring war on trout. The only coffee he’ll get here should be laced with Rotenone. The second is Bryce Lawrence. His performance on Sunday robbed the Springboks and our nation of victory over the Aussies, so he’ll have to go buy his flies elsewhere!

Furled Leaders by Nick Hughes

The bit between the fly line and the fly gets a lot of attention, and rightly so. In the most basic sense, the leader is a less visible (I refuse to call it invisible!) link between the highly visible fly line and the fly. But aside from that it has an important job to do in terms of delivery, as well as the behaviour of the fly once it’s in the drift. And here’s an interesting sideline: In some cases delivery, not visibility, is the priority. Enter furled leaders. When you’re casting towards a sighted fish or a specific lie and you’ve got one chance to get the presentation spot on, you’ll be grateful for the light, accurate and delicate touch of a well-tied furled leader. Come check them out!

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