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August 2011:

Major Sale on Z-Axis

Maybe the weather has got to us and we’ve finally gone mad. Whatever the cause may be, the symptoms include crazy discounts and this is where you could benefit in a big way! We’re clearing out our remaining Sage Z-Axis rods (2 x 4-pc, 8’6″ # 4) at R3300. That is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for a new Z-Axis – don’t think about it for too long ‘cos stocks are almost gone. Mail

Just Arrived!

Waiting for consignments from overseas is a bit like waiting for Christmas – you know it’s coming but it never seems to come quickly enough! Anyhow, Christmas is here and we’ve unpacked our latest shipments from Anvil, Dohiku and Fishpond. Amongst a range of great vises and scissors in the Anvil lineup are the Accu-Tip Snips, great for speed tying techniques.

Anvil Accu-Tip "Hold-in-Hand" Snips

We’ve received more Dohiku ”Magic Rib,” a wonderful fish-catching fiber and extended our range of Dohiku hooks. Here’s what a double world champion has to say about them:

“DOHIKU hooks are the perfect hook and are the mastermind of two European experts from Slovakia who eat, sleep and breathe catch and release fishing. The acute angles of design as well as the profiled lengthened points and ‘medical’ sharpness ensure, once hooked, the fish have little chance of escape but ensuring minimal harm to the fish.
DOHIKU hooks are the best for the angler and the fish.”

Iain Barr – Double World Fly Fishing Champion

Something Fishy

It sometimes feels like working in a fly shop is the complete opposite of going fishing. Fortunately we do get the chance to wander up some creek once in a while and then the whole world makes sense again. And during the times that we’re stuck behind the counter we can always stare at the fish pics our customers mail in from time to time. Thing is, I can never quite make up my mind whether to feel depressed or inspired! Have a look at these beauties, courtecy of Evert Minnaar up in Gauteng and Johan Kuhn who sent in a pic of his dad with one of last week’s fantastic tigers!

Goo Prawns

If I were a grunter I'd eat that!

I think it’s fair to say that Ian Wallace is pretty fond of Clear Cure Goo. I must agree – this stuff is pretty amazing once you get to know it! Here’s his latest creation – a shrimp / swimming prawn imitation that looks ready to be quick-fried and served with a nice chilli sauce!

Rock ‘n Roll Crustacean

Here’s another gem off Ian Wallace’s vice: The Rolling Bead Crab. This style of tying uses metal beads on a monofilament keel to provide weight and balance to the fly. It’s a great way to add weight without obstructing the hook gape and has caused a sort of mini revolution in some saltwater tying circles.


Hook: Suitable Saltwater hook in sizes 2-6
Thread: Tan 3/0 flat waxed
Weight: Bead chain plus 20lb mono with brass or tungsten beads. The number of beads depends on the water depth you will be fishing and the sink rate you require.
Mouth parts: Tan Zonker and micro crystal flash
Eyes: Burnt 30lb mono and painted with black enamel paint
Body: Sparkle yarn, Tan and Cream
Legs: Micro chenille crab colour Knotted
Clear Cure Goo flexible for the joints along the body


Step 1
Lay a thread foundation to just above the hook barb. Bring the thread back to just behind the hook eye. Tie in a piece of the 20lb mono facing backward, cover wrap it to where you stopped the thread.

Step 2
Tie in a single strand of crystal flash you have folded in half, and then tie in a piece of the tan Zonker. Then tie in the eyes facing backwards, along the sides of the hook shank.

Step 3
Start tying in the sparkle yarn you have cut into short sections, using figure of 8 wraps.
Start with the tan and alternate with the cream. Once you have tied in two pieces of the sparkle yarn tie in a piece of the micro chenille. Continue this sequence until you reach just before the hook eye. You should get in 3 pairs of legs.

Step 4
Tie in the bead chain eyes with figure of 8 wraps. Now thread the beads of your choice onto the mono. Fold the mono over the fly and thread it through the hook eye, secure with thread wraps. Trim the tag end of the mono off, in line with the hook point. Bend down slightly. This forms a weed guard.

Step 5
Trim the body to into to a blunt arrow shape to resemble a crab’s body. Be careful not to cut the legs!
Apply the Clear cure goo along the top and bottom of the hook shank covering the body tie-in points. You can also coat the head of the fly with Clear cure goo thin, this make the fly very durable.
This fly can be tied in any colour you like; I find olive, rust, brown and white to also be good colours.

Doing the Twist

The Haywire Twist is not a dance. It is the correct way to attach a single-strand steel trace to a fly or swivel. We’ve been doing quite a few of these in the shop lately in preparation for a series of tigerfishing trips, and we get asked how quite often. I guess there are many ways to achieve the same result, but the important thing is to make a few loose spiral turns in the wire followed by three or four tight turns before breaking the wire tag off. Breaking or shearing the wire off as opposed to cutting it leaves no sharp bit that can cut your line or finger. For a short video showing how it’s done, have a look at this link:

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