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Get MOTIVE-ated!

In the days before CSI forensics, cops looked for Motive and Opportunity. Then, when these were in place an eccentric in a classic car would turn up and solve the crime. In fishing it’s much the same – you still need the opportunity but now Sage has been kind enough to supply the Motive! Available from an 8-weight to a 12-weight (all 9-foot, 4-piece) the Sage Motive offers incredible performance and value. Priced at R4640 there’s now more reason than ever to get yourself a Sage!

Get a RISE Tech Fishing Tee




UPSTREAM WATERPROOF MAT / BAG: Open out this bag and you have a changing mat with a heavy PVC base which you can stand on to get in and out of your waders without fear of puncturing them. When you are done you leave your wet and muddy waders and boots on the mat, zip it up, connect the buckles and you have a handy, completely waterproof carry bag to go into the boot of your vehicle!    NO WET AND DIRTY CARPETS! Whether you are fishing streams or dams this is a must have item.              Price R430

Upstream waterproof mat / bag


UPSTREAM FLYFISHING now stocks a really good range of COLUMBIA fishing apparel:

COLUMBIA BONEHEAD long sleeve, cotton shirts

COLUMBIA SILVER RIDGE long sleeve, quick dry, 50 UPF shirts, cargo shorts and pants

COLUMBIA TERMINAL TACKLE long sleeve, quick dry, 50 UPF, Technical T-shirts,

COLUMBIA AIRGILL LITE long sleeve, quick dry, 50 UPF shirts,

COLUMBIA AMERICAN ANGLER waterproof, breathable fishing jacket,


COLUMBIA – hats, caps, bags and other gear!

This gear is really good, it all works and is better than what I have been fishing in!

The Handi Measure

This really handy tape measure attaches securely to most nets and makes measuring your fish in the net very quick and easy – no need to ‘guesstimate’ any more!

The tape is non-corrosive and measures in inches and centimeters.

Available right now at UPSTREAM FLYFISHING.

Flyfishing goes Modular

Modular Fly Systems are not really new, but I do think that the concept has been perfected in the THINKFISH FLYPAD ECOSYSTEM. It starts with the FlyPad – a stylish, waterproof fly box with magnetic closure and a removable, slit-foam tray. Removable trays make sense, but what do you do with them when they’re not in use? Enter the FlyPad Box, a “library” that keeps your flies safe and organized in their trays. I expect the sytem will find favour amongst competition anglers who typically fish 5 sessions with very little time inbetween. A total of 10 trays in the system means you’ll have 2 trays per session pre-loaded, organized and ready to go! If you’re into stylish design, come check it out! Click on FLYPAD to see the system in action on YouTube.

A Change of Scenery – Maremmana

Maremmana Polo and Country Club near Botrivier invites all keen fly anglers to join them for 3 days of free fishing from 9th to 11th November. It’s that time of year when trout stocks need to be thinned out before the warm weather kicks in, therefore anglers will be asked to take out their catch either to purchase or donate to the club. Spaces are limited, so make sure you book yours no later than Wednesday, 7th November! For more information and for booking, call Peter on 0828346487 or Sue on 0721075533. Visit

¡hola Thinkfish!

When top competitors at European fly fishing championships are seen using the same tackle system, it’s worth asking why - even if it seems a little foreign! Semi-Automatic reels are not new in the world of fly fishing, but they are uncommon in South Africa where our fly fishing culture was built on British and American influences. In Continental Europe, semi-automatics have long been embraced for the unparallelled line management benefits offered to walk-and-wade anglers on fast water. Spanish company THINKFISH has refined the concept in their patented BOLD reel, a semi-automatic built to offer all the benefits without the niggles associated with earlier designs. Upstream is proud to announce our distribution partnership with Thinkfish, and we trust you will enjoy the fantastic range of products they offer!

Winter’s not so dull anymore!

I’ve never been a fan of winter. I’ve never been a fan of going out to sea, either. And I never thought of snoek as much of a sportfish. All that has changed, thanks to the guys at Hooked on Africa Charters in Hout Bay! If you’re keen to get onto our next group outing, join our ”snoek watchlist.” Email and put “Snoek” in the subject line. That way we can keep you up to speed on weather, fish, group availability and cost. Believe me, it’s a blast!

Not all of the news is good news all of the time

If you know Upstream, you’ll know how much we love Scientific Anglers lines. Whatever the fishing siuation, it seems the guys in their R&D department have been there and come up with the solution. Which is why it’s sad for me to inform you that there has been a price increase from Scientific Anglers. The popular Mastery series and Streamer Express lines have gone from R660 to R700, the Supra from R520 to R560 and the incredible Textured lines have increased from R760 to R790. Still worth every cent, in my opinion!

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